Modern Day

‘A company devoted to being the best in the business.’ A lot has changed since 1924 but by honouring founder Leslie Miller’s original philosophy Millers have kept current in a competitive and ever-changing marketplace. They have firmly established themselves as a dominant player in the soft furnishings market, a niche in which they excel and continue to innovate. Product quality and service excellence remain key elements of Millers success. “We’re seen as a very stable business with a good reputation and we’re trusted by our customers,” says Geoff Miller.
  • Modern Day Millers

    Modern Day Millers

    In 1993 Geoff Miller became Managing Director of Millers and he continues to head the company today. Geoff is not the only family member involved in the company. In 1998 wife Jill joined the management team as head of the Dial-A-Curtain department, as well as contributing in her role as a director.
  • Geoff, Jill, Greg and Vanessa

    Geoff, Jill, Greg and Vanessa

    In 2013, Geoff and Jill’s son Greg joined the company as the first fourth-generation director. Daughter Vanessa is also the company’s Marketing Manager, and has been with Millers since 2004.
  • Fitzgerald Avenue and Cranford Street

    Fitzgerald Avenue and Cranford Street

    Throughout the years Millers have had branch stores in various locations throughout New Zealand, including their most recent showrooms in Fitzgerald Ave and Cranford Street (pictured), Christchurch. The extraordinary growth of the Dial-A-Curtain service in combination with changes in consumer shopping needs has inevitably led to the re-organisation of these stores over the years. The Canterbury Earthquakes did lead to the closure of the Cranford Street store but fortunately re-piling of the Blenheim Road store in the early 1990’s saved the building from damage.
  • Readymade Curtains

    Readymade Curtains

    A major transformation for the home furnishings market in the 1980s and 1990s was the decline in numbers of consumers sewing at home. Once a household essential, the sewing machine became largely redundant with the introduction of readymade curtains. At a time when tariffs on imported goods were reduced and there was substantial progress in mass production with lower manufacturing costs, readymade curtains became an attractive option.
  • A New Approach

    A New Approach

    Equally important the cost of importing fabrics also reduced and Millers were able to sell fabrics at a more competitive price. Adapting to these developments and concentrating on what they did best Millers expanded their workroom, and established themselves as a destination shopping location, one with a superior selection of both stock and ordered in fabrics and a readymade curtains department not matched by any other company in Christchurch.
  • Dial-A-Curtain Success

    Dial-A-Curtain Success

    Following on the success of Dial-A-Curtain Geoff identified a gap in the market and created an In-Store Consultancy service, providing customers with free design sessions in store with qualified and trained Consultants. Matching fabrics to a customer’s paint and carpet samples, followed up by a free measure and quote in their home, the In-Store Consultancy service added another element to Millers custom made décor service.
  • Dial-A-Curtain Expansion

    Dial-A-Curtain Expansion

    The new service perfectly complemented Millers fleet of Dial-A-Curtain Consultants, with their vans full of the latest fabrics, also offering a free measure and quote service but with the initial consultation in-home. The In-Store and Dial-A-Curtain Consultancy services have both grown exponentially and now cover the greater Christchurch area, with the Dial-A-Curtain service also extending along the east coast of the South Island from Kaikoura to Oamaru. What’s more, Millers’ large team of experienced installers’ allows them to carry out the whole job, from initial consultation to the final installation.
  • Velvet Stock Fabric, April 2007

    Velvet Stock Fabric, April 2007

    Millers have aligned themselves for the future with a number of changes, including the addition of their website in 2004 and the launch of their online shop in 2010. The website is continually updating and expanding its selection of products and is a great source of information on the most up-to-date fashion trends of the moment. Millers have also developed and grown their range of direct imports, a way of doing business which founder Leslie Miller pioneered in the early days. By importing merchandise directly Millers have had the freedom to source the very latest on-trend ranges of products, including fabrics and readymade curtains, which it then offers exclusively to its customers at competitive prices.
  • State-of-the-Art Curtain Making

    State-of-the-Art Curtain Making

    The instalment of the very latest computer system has further improved efficiency and accuracy across the business, greater enhancing the quality of service Millers offers its customers. On the manufacturing side of the business Millers has recently invested substantially in a revolutionary range of European plant and equipment to produce a state-of-the-art workroom for curtain making.
  • Increased Demand

    Increased Demand

    The new facility has greatly improved productivity and has enabled the company to cater to the increasing demand for soft furnishings stimulated by the Canterbury rebuild.
  • Recent Years

    Recent Years

    After all the events of recent years, 'home' now takes on even greater importance, especially for those who are still surrounded by uncertainty. As we rebuild our city and our homes the team at Millers looks forward to continuing to help its customers furnish their homes with colour, warmth, and love, as they have done for over 90 years.
  • Years of Experience

    Years of Experience

    The style and design of window treatments available today have never been so abundant or diverse, and so it is especially important to use experienced specialists when furnishing your biggest asset and investing in the right products will make all the difference. Millers excel in connecting the right product with the right environment. And offering years of experience in curtain and blind making, Millers are confident they can find the solution that is perfect for you.
  • Millers Philosophy

    Millers Philosophy

    Leslie Miller’s original aim for his company was to be renowned for being the best in the business by 'supplying its customers with a quality article at a competitive price', a vision his grandson embraced when he took over the reins. Product quality and service excellence remain key elements of Millers success. 'We’re seen as a very stable business with a good reputation and we’re trusted by our customers' says Geoff Miller.

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